A new digital finance platform for funding and managing climate & infrastructure assets

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Blockchain Triangle provides investors with direct and unfettered access to over $4T in climate finance opportunities.

By reducing the barrier of entry for climate and infrastructure projects, Blockchain Triangle aims to accelerate the transition to a zero-emission and climate resilient global economy.

Untapped & illiquid assets
cost To transition to a climate-resilient economy
Of esg infrastructure projects are sub-scale
target Reduction in cost of capital by using our platform

The Unique Benefits of Blockchain Triangle

Our platform reduces the costs and complexities of capital placement by connecting big data and financial services on one chassis. From operational compliance and reporting, to data consolidation, to increased liquidity and broader distribution - Blockchain Triangle takes care of it all.

calculator in front of a bar graph showing a downwards linear trend with a coin next to it
cost of capital reduction
bag of money with coins stacked beside and a magnifying glass connected to a network icon
Data-informed investing
water droplet with dollar sign in the middle
Liquidity creation
compliancy and regulation icon
Compliant & Regulated offerings
Diagram of the benefits of using Blockchain Triangle's Digital Twin engine

Blockchain Triangle: A Marketplace for Climate and Infrastructure Projects

The Blockchain Triangle Marketplace is a digital security issuance platform that connects issuers and investors to allow for easy and transparent access to climate and infrastructure projects.  

Our Deal Types

Climate & Infrastructure
blockchain partner and client network diagram

Blockchain Triangle is a managed technology platform that combines Big Data and Financial Services on one chassis.

blockchain icon


Smart Contracts connect and verify investor data and capitalization table
smart meter icon

Smart Meters & IoT Devices

API network delivers transparent data in real-time
digital banking icon

Digital Banking

Daily cash sweeps and payments connecting operators and investors
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Climate and infrastructure finance market need this efficiency

Innovation, Sustainability, & Risk Management

Blockchain triangle for


Blockchain Triangle allows for the democratization of investor access to over $4T of climate and infrastructure projects.  Investors, whether retail, accredited or institutional, can access climate and infrastructure initiatives and see economic output for their investments in real-time over the entire life of an asset.

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Blockchain triangle for


Governments, asset developers and communities are looking for ways to fund climate and infrastructure initiatives. Blockchain Triangle's technology reflects real-time economic value for climate and infrastructure assets - all while lowering cost of capital, operating costs, improving administrative efficiency and increasing liquidity.

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Blockchain triangle for

Digital Twinning

Whether you’re a large asset manager, retail investor, issuer, or citizen, you want to know how existing and new assets are performing in regards to cash flow and ESG. We provide that insight.

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Our Team

Blockchain Triangle's Chief Executive Officer, Darren Wolfberg

Darren Wolfberg

Co-founder & CEO
Logan Sugarman, Co-founder & CRO

Logan Sugarman

Co-founder & CRO
Blockchain Triangle's Head of Product, Raj Parimi

Raj Parimi

Co-founder & Head of Product
BJ Arnold, Co-COO

BJ Arnold

Blockchain Triangle's Chief Information and Operations Officer, John Tartaglia

John Tartaglia

Blockchain Triangle's Chief Compliance Officer, Grant Spurling

Grant Spurling

Co-CCO & Counsel
Blockchain Triangle's General Counsel, Mark Petingill

Mark Petingill

General Counsel
Philipp Klingelhofer, Head of Asset Management & Infrastructure Banking

Philipp Klingelhofer

Head of Asset Management & Infrastructure Banking
Christine Campisi, Head of Marketing

Christine Campisi

Head of Marketing
Ben Johnstone, Blockchain Triangle's systems architect

Ben Johnstone

Systems Architect & Asset Developer